Meet the Stuporheroes!

The team

The Lanyard
Team Leader
The leader of the team whose skill with trick lanyards is unmatched. This is probably due to the fact that of all the possible weapons in the world, no one chooses lanyards.
Avant Guard (AG)
AG is probably the fastest being on the planet. Unfortunately, he's also probably the laziest.
Explosives Expert
The chick magnet of the team, Jigu just oozes with coolness. Let's face it. If you have to ooze something. It should be coolness. Recent events have led Jigu to quit the team to get over his addiction to smoking.
The Explosive
This little ball of anger just won't die. Well technically, he won't stay day. Like his namesake, lighting his remains on fire brings him back to life.
The Face Man
Dan has seen so many movies, it's questionable if he has an identity of his own. He's the team's chameleon - always adopting personas and skills from characters he's seen in movies.
When he's not adding to the world's over population, Bio feeds the team their intel.



The Aquatic Amazon
The team recently met Orcachild while searching for the cause of various disturbances to the natural order. No one knows where she's from or what she can do.
Gaia's voice
Magnolia is just bursting with sunshine and rainbows. It remains to be seen what exactly she can do...


The Rogues Gallery

Mother Goose
Super Goose?
This giant goose came to the aid of her gaggle when the Stuporheroes started to win against their onslaught. 10 times the size of a regular goose, this one is not to be taken lightly.
The Incredible Helm!
One hell of an angry drunk, Helm really bulks up when he's had a few and is seemingly unstoppable.