Strip #124 - The Return

The Return

March 7, 2011

Why hello there internets! What? Don't remember me? It's only been four years! Sigh...

What happened? Where did I go? Well, as lame as it sounds, real life happened. I done got hitched to the woman who was the inspiration for Orcachild. I got a job as a bonafide crafter of the interwebs. I started a movie review podcast. All of these things made the 12+ hours a week I was devoting to the Stuporheroes unrealistic.

But hey! I'm back...more ore less. I've remade the site, split off from Mind in Motion Media (the former home for the strip) who ended up ceasing to be anyway, and am happy to report that I plan to start making strips again! At this moment, I have about a dozen story arcs planned out an 20ish actual strips written out in full. I plan to keep this strictly in hobby form so I'm not going to stick to a schedule. I'd like to draw them when I want. I'm hoping to spit one out every week or so, but no promises.

If you don't want to have to check in all of the time, feel free to like the comic on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to the RSS Feed. I'll post to each technology whenever a new strip is available.

As for this strip, I think 4 years is a long enough wait to find out what Magnolia can do and this reveals it. Our sweet and cheery heroine is, in fact, an enchantress. A witch. A mage. Whatever word you want to use to describe her. Unfortunately, invoking her magic requires her to speak in the tongue of Gaia who, as it turns out, would make a sailor blush.