Who draws this crap?

Pedro Albea

Pedro is an avid fan of comics and movies. He is the creator of Stuporheroes and the "inspiration" for the Lanyard. In fact, all of the characters are humorous exaggerations of his friends and family. He created Stuporheroes back in 2006 and stopped a couple of years later to pursue a career as a professional web developer. In 2010, he married Danielle who has since talked him into continuing on his Stuporhero project. Moving forward, the comic will be co-written and drawn by the two of them.

Danielle Albea

Danielle has extremely too many interests and too little time. She loves marine biology and nature. Currently she works as a research technician at a local medical university. In her spare time she: naps, eats, plays board games, bideo* games, artwork, beading, knitting, sports, camping, decorating the house, shopping, hanging out with friends, and watching tv. She recently pushed Pedro into getting the comic up and running again.